A unique occasion to associate your brand to the only women race sanctioned by UCI in Canada. An opportunity to reach international elite racers. Regional, national and international media coverage.

To give the chance to Quebecers and Canadians champion cyclists, from today and tomorrow, to participate in national and international competitions in order to qualify for the 2020 Olympic Games and World Championships.

The opportunity to get attention from cycling passionate, families, and a large and growing audience.

L’opportunité d’associer votre image de marque aux valeurs des sports cyclistes :

  • Chrono : Speed, precision, power and transcendence
  • Road Race : strategy, endurance, performance, teamwork
  • Gran Fondo : transcendence, pleasure, discovery
  • Cycling : health, accessibility, sustainability

To encourage a regular participation to any physical activity accessible to everyone and promote health benefits.

Promote local economy that benefits to the whole community.

Please contact us if, like us, you want to show yourself at the start line!

Colin Laramée-Plouffe
Marketing Director